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Künstlerische Portraits


Modefotografie / Commercial / Editorial


“Victoria is a very talented photographer. Her personality and skill set in photography really shined during our shoot. I loved her artistic ideas and how well our shoot went. Her angles and expertise with her camera really allowed me to be myself and pose to the best of my ability. I would definitely recommend her to models, agencies, and art communities worldwide. I look forward to working with her again."
Jamy, Model
"I use Victoria's inspiring photos in my memory course presentations and on my website as they totally fit my brand. Everyday objects like books, computers and coffee mugs appear in an exciting light, because of Victoria's unusual artistic approach. I would love to work with her on future business projects!"
"Scrolling through her instagram feed feels like flicking through a magazine. I really like the aesthetic and the composition of her photographs and the light is always perfect. There is a very modern and edgy vibe to her art."
Annabel, Photographer/Artist
"Victoria has a unique style of photography, which please eyes and souls. The delicate composition of each of her photographs and her fresh perspective on the art of portrait made us fall in love with her style."
"The work of Victoria features portrait, fashion, architecture and nature photography in a special artistic way. I fell in love with the way she captures nature and the way she includes movements in her portraits and fashion photography from the very beginning. Her work has always been a source of inspiration for me. Her talent to capture a person showing them from their best side yet with real emotions makes her artwork unique and adds individuality to every photo. I want to thank her once again for all the projects we’ve done together during our collaborations. Especially for the beautiful portrait she has taken of me, which I’ve been using on my website and as my logo ever since. Her photography has a high amount of recognition value and that is something I appreciate a lot. But not only is she an amazing photographer, she also creates beautiful paintings and sketches."
Carolin Thiergart, Photographer
"What caught my attention when I discovered Victoria's work is the way she composes her pictures with colours and lights. Each of her photographs is a small world in itself - balanced and harmonious - with soft colours, shadows or movement, yet every picture fits to the other.  The whole composition perfectly illustrates Victoria's sensitivity and artistic vision."
Alice Magat, Model
(Lyon / Berlin / Paris)
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