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Collaborating with people makes up a huge part of the creative process - not only does that bring life into photos, it also influences the work flow itself. Sharing concepts and ideas beforehand as well as letting new inspiration come during a photo shoot is always an exciting experience for me as the photographer, and the model. 

When it comes to working with you, I am open-minded to hear about your ideas and suggestions! I will always try to meet your vision to make you feel most comfortable during a photo shoot.


If you are a brand, I will be happy to create a visual story together as well!

Available for: 
  • Private Shootings / Couple shootings
  • helping to build your model portfolio
  • editorial shootings
  • Photos for your website
If you are a photographer, do not hesitate to contact me for a collaboration or a second shooting partner for a wedding! I am always looking for new opportunities to gain experience and expand my portfolio. 
"Victoria has a unique style of photography, which please eyes and souls. The delicate composition of each of her photographs and her fresh perspective on the art of portrait made us fall in love with her style."
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